Corporate audio visual (AV) systems, professional home cinema and multi-room audio design and installation by industry specialists. We’ll look after your systems and keep them healthy so they look and sound great for longer.

  • Independent AV specialists – We are independent audio visual specialists so we can help you find the best system for you.

  • Experts in audio visual systems – With over 20 years in the industry we know our tweeters from our woofers and we know where each component should go to give you the most dynamic sound.

  • We fit around your schedule – Whether you’re a home owner or a business manager, we’ll plan your installation to fit around your schedule.

  • Support that makes the difference – We won’t leave you high and dry with un-usable tech. We focus as much on usability as we do on great sound and exceptional picture.

We’ll find the right system for you – a system with the right features at the right price. If you’re thinking about investing in a home cinema or maybe treating yourself to multi-room audio, you want independent advice so you can be sure that you are investing in the right system for you. Expert installation that takes into account your room dynamics and conditions, speaker placement, console placement, and the correct fittings will make your AV equipment last longer and look and sound better. We’re a tried and tested entity. We’ve installed AV technology in some of the UK’s leading media companies where reliable systems that produce outstanding sound and striking pictures are essential. But just because we’re used by those businesses who rely on the best, don’t assume we’ll be out of budget. We’re independent stockists and that means we can work with you to find the right system for your budget and needs.


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