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Now you can have the same high quality audio that you have in your house,
in your Garden, patio, round the Pool or even a work place environment.

Sonance SLS

Sonance Landscape Series outdoor speaker system delivers exceptional audio performance from small satellite speakers and buried subwoofers that are hidden out of sight in flower beds or borders.


Sonance SonArray SR1

Sonance SonArray SR1 System comprises of eight satellite speakers and buried subwoofer that is designed to fill areas of up to 180 sqm with an even coverage of quality sound.

Origin Acoustics Acoustascape AS41

Origin Acoustics Acoustascape AS41 Hi-Fi Landscape Audio System comprises four 4” satellite speaker c/w 4 x 11” mounting spikes, & one 8” dual voice coil subwoofer that would be buried.



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